Counseling Center Paraprofessionals Program

Counseling Center Paraprofessionals (CCPs) are students from ALL departments on campus and with many different majors. They are students who want to make a difference in someone’s life while having a good learning experience.

The CCP program provides training in communication and individual helping skills with practical experience in providing developmental and preventive services to students. These skills and experiences are not only especially valuable to those entering a helping profession or graduate school in a related area, but also in many other fields, and even everyday life.

The CCP Program provides a great experience; it received the 2013 U. Illinois Student Affairs Outstanding Program Award. For more information about the kinds of activities that CCPs participate in, check out links to the right or view our CCP brochure.

Program Overview

  • Recruitment for the CCP program occurs only in the fall semester of each academic year.
  • The CCP program is a three semester program which begins in the spring semester of either the sophomore or junior year.
  • University of Illinois students may apply for the program during the fall semester of their sophomore or junior year.

The Benefits

  • The program will satisfy 12 hours of upper level classes.
  • CCPs get a chance to learn and practice interpersonal skills such as empathy, reflective listening, summarizing, and other skills used in everyday conversation.
  • CCPs meet new friends with common interests in a small classroom setting.
  • CCPs not only learn new skills but also practice them by organizing and giving workshops, and through role-playing.
  • CCPs receive the benefit of frequent interaction with, and supervision from, Counseling Center staff members.
  • It’s a great thing to do to gain experiences and add to your job or graduate school application.


  1. 30 hours of course work must be completed by the end of the semester in which you apply.
  2. Psych 100 or 103 must be successfully completed by the end of the semester in which you apply.
  3. A completed CCP application must be returned to the Counseling Center by the due date. (Recruitment takes place during the month of September.)
  4. Following an initial screening, you must successfully pass an interview with current CCPs.
  5. Pass a final interview with the course instructors.


Applications for the Spring 2015 Cohort will be available the first day of classes, August 25, 2014. You can complete your application online or pick up a hard copy from the Counseling Center in room 110 of the Student Services Building. Please note: If you’re completing the application online, the link above will not be live until August 25.